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EZ APS ToolBox SP2 Upgrade Released

Polara is excited to announce the release of our upgrade to the EZ APS ToolBox software used to program the EZ Navigator APS System. This software update brings new features and enhancements to the Navigator system to enable more advanced configuration and greater ease of use in the setup and maintenance of the entire system. Although it is not mandatory to implement this upgrade, it is highly recommended.

This software upgrade contains many new features such as:

  • - The default window size of the ToolBox upon program load is resized to better accommodate smaller laptop displays.
  • - ToolBox has been reformatted to be much more intuitive and user friendly.
  • - ToolBox does not need to be restarted each time a device is removed and reconnected.
  • - Issues were fixed related to the Calendar feature.
  • - Ethernet Connection List has been added to the main menu.

Click the links below for quick access to the new ToolBox and current manuals/catalog:

EZ Communicator Navigator APS

Rugged and reliable, the EZ Communicator is a fully integrated Accessible Pedestrian System. It offers multiple audible indications and a vibro-tactile indication to clearly identify to all pedestrians the information needed to navigate a crosswalk.


Push Buttons

Easy to activate yet difficult to destroy, the Bulldog is tested to 300 million activations. Designed for very low maintenance and built on tested and proven technology.


Model-X: Stand-Alone Crosswalk Systems

Using the same rugged and reliable push button and housing as Polara’s Navigator, Model-X is designed for use at a pedestrian crosswalk with in-pavement or overhead flashing yellow lights.


Traffic-Rated Push Buttons

Highly reliable, impact resistant moving push buttons constructed of a thermoplastic alloy blend. Available in green, black, silver, or yellow.


In the 21st century, the issues of equal access to information and freedom of mobility is at the forefront of everyone's needs and desires. Polara's Navigator APS provides all pedestrians with equal access to information at signalized intersections. The Navigator is a highly reliable, vandal resistant Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) that provides a vibro-tactile ADA compliant 2" push button with a raised directional arrow and audible sounds during all pedestrian phases.

Polara has been a leader for over 40 years in electronic product design and manufacturing. With its technology and resources, Polara has developed the most advanced and most reliable pedestrian push button on the market today, in short, because a highly reliable, long life ADA style button was not available to use on our own line of Accessible Pedestrian Signals. Market research found cities were looking for a 2" style ADA compliant button that was not susceptible to moisture, had a much longer life than typical microswitches, and was not susceptible to vandalism. To address these needs, Polara's engineers designed and developed two lines of push buttons. Both use a solid state piezo switch that is protected against moisture, has a rated life in the tens of millions of activations (100 million minimum), is extremely reliable, and cannot be made to stick on (put in a constant call).

Polara's Advanced Traffic Technology


Polara is the leading manufacturer of accessible pedestrian products, such as accessible pedestrian signals (APS) and ADA compliant pedestrian push buttons. Our Navigator APS provides state-of-the-art audible and vibro-tactile features for all pedestrian phases, while our BullDog Push Button offers the ultimate in durability and state of the art electronic technology.

Polara is an organization dedicated to producing the highest quality products through stringent design, development, and production techniques. In all its traffic products, Polara utilizes its expertise in design, production, and assembly to produce the highest quality products that perform in the most demanding applications. Best of all, all products are built in the USA!