The Model-X Push Button Station: Standalone Crosswalk Systems

The Model-X push button station is designed for use at a pedestrian crosswalk with in-pavement or overhead flashing yellow lights. Working in conjunction with a control unit, the Model-X provides an instructional sign, a push button with directional arrow for activating the flashing lights, a voice message, and a group of yellow LEDs which flash in sync with the street lighting. The Model-X uses the same rugged and reliable push button station and housing as Polara’s Navigator APS.

The Model-X Offers Significant Advantages over the Competition


The Model-X series of Pedestrian Signals is a hi-reliability, state-of-the-art signal system which provides the following features:

  • High-reliability, full-featured push button with raised directional arrow.
  • The Model-X utilizes the same rugged housing and push button as Polara's industry-leading EZ Communicator Navigator APS.
  • Installs and operates easily using the XAVCU2 control unit.
  • Features a locating tone and voice-on-location message, with ambient sound compensation.
  • In-unit LEDs are synchronized to crosswalk sign, in-pavement, or overhead lights.
  • The unit contains an 8 position terminal block ready for connection to an XAVCU2.
  • Supplied with mounting hardware and installation instructions.