Excellence in Engineering and Manufacturing for Industrial Applications

Polara will provide excellence, versatility, and specialized solutions to your demanding industrial applications, with economy of scale. Whether for prototype, verification, validation, pilot or volume production, Polara can meet your needs. With our highly trained staff of Engineers, Technicians, Assemblers and Inspectors, we utilize the latest equipment, processes and inspection techniques to bring your specifications and requirements to reality.

Quality System and Processes

Polara provides a modern, ISO 9001:2008 registered facility to guide our test and measurement procedures, and meet your most demanding design and production requirements.

Design and Development Process. To your requirements, Polara integrates with your phased development: Specification, Design, Verification, Validation, Transfer, and Release.

Design, Development, Production

Our People. Polara’s service begins with dedicated and skilled management, engineering, and production staff who use the latest technology and equipment to move quickly from concept to production.

New, Modern Facilities Polara provides a modern, fully-equipped facility for your sophisticated, cost-effective prototype, verification, validation, pilot or volume production.

Excellence in Results. Polara executes well-run, efficient projects, and produces, on-time, sophisticated, quality products that meet your requirements so you can compete in today's marketplace.

Our Industrial Products

Components. Polara is a premier supplier of customer designed specialty components, specializing in the manufacture of electromagnetic components. We can build to print, or design and build to your requirements.

Custom Assembly. Polara also provides a full range of cost-effective sub-assembly solutions including: efficient procurement to your Bill of Materials (BOM), to highly automated circuit assembly and machine inspection, to highly specialized manual circuit assembly. We also provide simple wire harness, connector and light mechanical assembly.

The Polara Industrial Approach


Polara is a full service design, development and manufacturing company of specialty components, sub-system products and finished goods. We are dedicated to providing our Industrial customers the highest quality products that meet your critical requirements and standards.

To succeed in this, we have assembled a strong, focused team, built with the right People, with the right Skills, using the right Processes, Equipment, Technology and Quality System.

Polara works to understand your requirements, and particularly focuses on the unique, key technical parameters, early in the project. In this way Polara can provide the most efficient, cost effective solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Polara provides exceptional value by building and delivering what you need, on-time, at competitive prices. Our goal is to enhance your success in your industrial products industry.

"We invite you to experience the Polara Approach."