BullDog Push Buttons: Making the Best Even Better

Polara Engineering Inc. announces its latest release in highly reliable, durable, low-maintenance push buttons: The BullDog III. Let the BullDog III take a bite out of your push button maintenance costs. Don't take chances with unproven, untested products!

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Why the BullDog III is the Best Push Button Available

  • Transient protection that meets and exceeds NEMA specifications. Independent lab tested and certified!
  • Activated with less than two pounds of force.
  • Withstands severe impacts from skate boards, baseball bats, hockey sticks, etc.
  • Provides a two-tone audible confirmation as well as visual confirmation.
  • Cannot be jammed or stuck on.
  • Wind, hail, and vibration have no negative effects. Requires a push action to activate.
  • Superior grade pre-treatment and powder coat. Independently lab tested and rated NEMA 250 (6P).
  • The BullDog's 316 Marine grade stainless steel button cap far exceeds the durability of competitive products.