Excellence in Engineering and Manufacturing for the Medical Industry

Polara will provide excellence, versatility, and specialized solutions to your demanding medical requirements, with economy of scale. Whether for prototype, verification, validation, pilot or volume production, Polara can meet your needs. With our highly trained staff of Engineers, Technicians, Assemblers and Inspectors, we utilize the latest equipment, processes and inspection techniques to bring your specifications and requirements to a reality.

Quality System and Development Process

Quality. Polara provides a modern, ISO9001:2008 registered facility, integrated to your QMS. To help manage risk and assure product and process stability, Polara makes no product or process changes without your approval.

Development. As you require, Polara integrates with your phased development process - Specification, Design, Verification, Validation, Transfer, Release, Service, Support, and CAPA.

Design, Development, Production

Service. Our dedicated and skilled management, engineering, and production staff use the latest technology and equipment to move quickly from concept to production.

Polara provides a modern, fully equipped facility for sophisticated, cost-effective, prototype, verification, validation, pilot or volume production.

Efficiency. Polara executes well-run, efficient projects, and produces, on-time, sophisticated, quality products that meet your requirements so you can compete in today's marketplace.

Our Medical Products

Electronic Components. Polara is a premier supplier of customer designed specialty components, specializing in the manufacture of electromagnetic components. We can build to print, or design and build to your requirements.

Polara provides the medical industry with a full range of cost-effective solutions, from automated circuit assembly and inspection, to specialized manual circuit assembly, all executed to your exact specifications.

Polara can also provide high quality, cost-effective High-Level Assemblies (HLA) for your final test, packaging, and QA, or turn-key contract manufacturing and shipment of finished goods to your distribution list.

The Polara Medical Approach


Polara is dedicated to the design, development, and production of the highest quality components, circuits, assemblies, and finished goods that meet the critical needs and standards of our medical industry customers.

Polara focuses on each customer’s unique needs. We work to understand your requirements and identify early in the process all key technical parameters, so that we achieve the most efficient and cost effective approach to developing solutions that fully meet your product’s special requirements. We then provide you exceptional value by building and delivering what you need, on-time, at competitive prices.

Polara is a full service design and manufacturing company specializing in the realm of coils, components and sub-system products. We have assembled a strong and focused team built upon the right People, Skills, Processes, Equipment, Technology and Quality System to meet your specific needs.

Our goal always is to support and enhance your success in the medical marketplace.

"Quality is our top priority and it starts with me!"
- John McGaffey, President